Welcome to India.

This week I ended up making 2 different 12wbt recipes that were Indian inspired. The butter chicken from my previous blog post and then the Lamb Biriyani. It was lovely and mildly spicy. The yoghurt dulled down the spice enough that I even convinced my five year old to have a bowl and she quite enjoyed it.

Husband enjoyed the 2 different Indian nights. He always was a fan of Indian takeaway from a particular Indian restaurant here in town. I always felt hesitant to eat food from there as I felt the place was a little bit run down. However, husband won the “what’s for dinner” war once or twice over the last ten years and we did eat it without incident.

Recently, I happened upon an article in the local rag about none other than the same restaurant being fined for having rat droppings in the kitchen and roaches in the buckets of spices.

Queue stomach rolling…..and gag reflex in 3….2….1…..

We haven’t had Indian takeaway since. Best deterrent EVER!

I am learning as I get older and wiser that even the tastiest takeaways can be made much tastier when prepared by your own (washed) hands in your own rat dropping free kitchen. There is also the benefit of no sneaky ingredients and calories.

If you have not tried Indian food before, don’t let the spices intimidate you. Get friendly with the spice aisle in the supermarket. Not only will using spices open up a whole new world of flavour but it will also introduce a whole host of health benefits along with it. Just take some time to google turmeric and curcumin and you will see what I mean.

My new obsession is turmeric. I have my husband and father ( both having or have had cancer) taking daily turmeric supplements for their anti-inflammatory cancer fighting magic.

Another spice that I am getting into is cumin and also paprika. Also used a lot in Indian cuisine. I literally have just about every spice in my pantry and I am now making it my mission to experiment with each of them.

So the lamb Biriyani is not paleo…hence the rice, peas and yoghurt. However, it can easily be converted into a yummy lamb and vegetable korma simply by omitting the non paleo ingredients and adding lots of extra veggies .

There are about 3 weeks left till the kick off of the 12wbt round and I have decided to go full whole30 for the next 4 weeks. So the first week of 12wbt will coincide with my last week of whole30.

My hope is that it will give me a great kick start to the next 12 weeks and help settle the uncomfortable symptoms I have been having lately. Bloating, fatigue, skin breakouts etc.



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